Jason Craft

Empowering Developers at all Levels

Don Kirkham

Introduction to SharePoint Webhooks with Azure Functions, Queues, and Tables

Carl Ott, MSEE, PMP

LiDAR - Measuring Distance with Photons

Jason Fox

Mixing Realities - the new frontier of user experiences

Jason Beres

Best Practices in Design to Code

Paul McCollum

Learn the language of Search for 0365 and SharePoint: KQL

Troy Hunt

I’m Pwned. You’re Pwned. We’re All Pwned.

Brandon Minnick

Correcting Common Async/Await Mistakes

Billy Hollis

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Chris Love

Real World Lessons in Progressive Web Application Caching

Michael L Perry

Git as Blockchain

Amara Keller

AR You Ready, Watson? (Augmented Reality with Unity and Watson)

Shawn Weisfeld

Give your App/Web Site Superpowers with Cognitive Services

Randy Walker

Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cloud BI

Adam Hill

Oops, You Have A Mobile Enterprise App, What Are You Going To Do Now?

Andy Ricchuiti

Oh Man, Micro-frontends are Here

John SJ Anderson

Logs Are Magic: Why Git Workflows and Commit Structure Should Matter To You

Toi Wright

Progressive Web Apps

Jason Awbrey

The Independent Developer - Lessons Learned from 4+ Years of Self Employment

Andrew Strickland

A Developers Guide to Mobile Accessiblity

Jim Wooley

C# 6, 7 and beyond

Tommy Falgout

Orchestrate Containers with Azure Kubernetes Service

Ado Kukic

Papers Please! A Non-Dystopian Look at Modern Authentication

Ron Lyle Dagdag

Running AI on the Edge with Windows ML

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