Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Roborama Showcase Contest

DPRG is proud to host a showcase contest for autonomous robots at Dev Fest Weekend, 13 October, on the Microsoft Campus in Irving, TX -=> cafeteria.

We’ll run the following contests from Noon to about 2:30 pm

What Contests?

Can-Can Soccer

Two competing autonomous robots simultaneously race to find objects in an arena, retrieve them and deliver them to a goal for points. Most robot use some combination of vision, LiDAR, sonar and wheel encoders to find their way around, and increasingly clever mechanisms to grip and transport the objects.

Challenge Line Following

This is DPRG’s most difficult line following course. It’s been on the books since 2011, but nobody has completely solved it in competition – yet… This course includes even more goodies like intersections, decision points, ‘stains’ with reduced contrast, and just to be obnoxious – it includes abrupt shifts from black line on white background to white line on black background.

Advanced Line Following

This is DPRG’s intermediate line following course. This course includes a few challenges like the dashed s curve and the 6 inch gap.

Beginning Line Following

This is DPRG’s basic line following course. Used by many robots as “Hello World”. Very limited seating.


What is Dev Fest Weekend 2018?

There was a group of local MVPs talking after a local user group meeting. After an engaging conversation on conferences, we came to the following conclusion:

Although we have many great conferences and great sessions with in our reach, we haven’t seen enough of the kind of presentations that excite us. So instead of just talking about the problem, we decided to do something about it.

This is a grass-roots initiative.

Featured Speakers